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bamboo flooring is only produced in China?

bamboo flooring 1 Comment »

In the stores, everyone says bamboo flooring is from China, does anybody know bamboo flooring from other countries?

in fact,Chinese bamboo flooring is best,and so cheap

Can i varnish or paint my laminate wood flooring a darker colour?….?

laminate wood flooring 15 Comments »

I have laminate flooring in my new apartment and it is of a light colour. I would like to varnish or paint it to a darker brown shade,is there any way this is possible?…

If it’s laminate, no. If it’s wood, yes.
There is no such thing as laminate wood. It’s either one or the other.
Laminate flooring is the same material you find on most formica countertops. The wood grain you see is only a print. If you try to sand it, you end up with nothing. It is not meant to have it’s appearance changed in any way whatsoever.

refinishing hardwood floor – help?

hard wood floor refinishing 6 Comments »

floor sanded – when applying stain they applied 2 coats without allowing to dry inbetween, now it looks like paint and will not dry – what do we do to remove? can this be fixed??

I am going to assume you are talking about 2 coats of stain, not top coats.

So I would proceed as follows
1st) give whomever the "They" are a swift kick in the a**
2nd) determine, whether the stain is oil base or water base.
(if you can’t, use lacquer thinner, with a respirator and lots of ventilation, should work on either kind the only reason not to do this is the cost of the lacquer thinner)
3rd) if oil, start rubbing with mineral spirits
4th) if water, start cleaning up with warm water and lemon juice mixed in equal parts, with a tiny bit of dish liquid to act as a surfactant (keep in mind if you have to go this route the floor will need re-sanding, water will raise the grain esp on pine species

Oh yeah, you will need ALLOT of rags and the longer you wait, the harder its gonna be. Evidently the "stainers’ did realize that most of applied stain should be wiped off minutes after its applied, waiting 24 hours for the second coat if one is required.

The upside of all this is you may find after you gone through all this, is the floor is stained the shade you desire, because without sanding its gonna be nigh on impossible to remove all the stain from raw wood

Laying engineered wood flooring over vinyl flooring?

engineered wood flooring 5 Comments »

Can engineered wood flooring be installed on vinyl flooring?

I’m in the middle of home improvement project and have decided to lay some engineered wood flooring for my kitchen. The particular brand that I’ve bought requires glue-down installation.

The problem is, there’s vinyl flooring that’s been laid with cutback and it’s not going to come up without a significant amount of work and then re-preparation of the sub flooring. I’ve been to the local home improvement center several times and can’t really get a straight answer as to if this is possible. I’ve searched the Internet and its about 50-50 yes and no.

I’d really like anybody’s input into my situation, as I am under a little bit of a time constraint to finish the project as this is my new house and I’ve got to move out of my old house in in a week.

Thanks in advance to your answers!

If you are laying down Bruce or Armstrong flooring, they have instructions for laying over vinyl flooring. Basically you can’t lay the flooring over more than 2 layers of vinyl. You want to make sure the flooring is stripped, not sanded, especially if there is a gloss on the floor. Don’t sand if its a resilient floor, it may contain asbestos. Also they recommend specific adhesives that will bond with the floor.

whats the best way of laying solid wood flooring like Oak on a concrete base?

solid wood flooring 10 Comments »

The best way I have found is to lay down a layer of asphalt felt and then screw down some 5/8" plywood. I have done this many times. If the floor is up and down put some ashphalt shingles in the low spots before laying plywood. Use Tapcons to screw the floor down.

Why is engineered wood floor so delicate?

engineered floor 1 Comment »

I have it installed in my condo and it scratches SOOO much! I mean even the smallest things makes the scratches. Is there a reason?

It really depends on the brand you bought. A lot of companies produce engineered wood flooring in different styles and grades of quality. You may have ended up buying a lower quality without even knowing it. I would recommend checking with whoever installed it to find out what exactly was put in, and if it was supposed to be good quality, I would go back to the manufacturer and ask for replacements.

Granted, there are a lot of factors that would scratch things…like dogs, roudy children, etc. So it could be any number of things causing the scratches. Or the product could just be defective.

can i install real wood flooring using 2mm foam underly, glue(to glue the boards), and some nails?

real wood flooring 3 Comments »

do i need to use special underlay?can i glue the boards together? The sub floor is floorboards ,pretty mush flat.

im a builder …over 40 years …you never use underlay on a proper wood floor …it will creak for evermore …you only use under lay on laminate flooring ..and thats a floating floor …not nailed or screwed ..you do not normally put one wooden floor on top of another ..you normally remove the old first …or the new floor will be too high and will be a trip hazard ..you will allso have to cut down the door …if your new floor is going to be a show floor …no carpet ..then you can hire a special secret nail gun ..this allows the floor to have a nail free look

Hardwood Flooring Installation?

hardwood floor installation 2 Comments »

In the old days people used "short" planks for flooring. Not only were they short, but they were also narrow. Does anyone have experience with Gluing Solid Hardwood Shorties, Mortise and Tenon, straight to the sub-floor, no nails?

QUALIFIER: My dad and I did it 30 years ago, and it still looks great with minimal creaking. We glued directly to a bumpy stone floor.
Now current installers tell me it can’t be done, that YOU MUST lay down a proper sub-floor, yet we did it straight to stone 30 years ago with no ill effects. Am I overlooking anything?
This is an upstairs unit, no flooding potential and I am (would like to) glue directly to a cork sub-floor which was laid down with plenty of Bostik.

I know the shorties (unfinished by the way) are labor intensive, but I am the laborer so that does not bother me.
Anyone with experience in this field, I would love to hear from you.

Why are you gluing hardwood floor to a wooden subfloor? You should be able to nail directly through the tongue in the flooring into the subfloor underneath. If you glue your floor to a wooden subfloor, there is no possible way for the new floor to expand and contract with the subfloor during changes in temperature and humidity. Since you glued your floor to a stone substrate, there was no need to allow for expansion and contraction. Using a pneumatic nailer will speed up the labor time as well. It’s just my opinion, but using glue on a wooden subfloor seems like a bad idea. Good luck with whatever method of attachment you choose.

Is bamboo flooring easy to install on concrete subfloor?

bamboo flooring 3 Comments »

Also, I have heard it referred to as a laminate, even though the material I’m looking at is bamboo through-and-through. What gives?

My husband and I just put bamboo flooring in on concrete last year. It’s pretty easy to install. You need to use mastic to glue it down. We got the mastic from the flooring supply place…

NOTE: The concrete needs to be prepped properly. You need to sand it smooth (we rented an industrial sander from Home Depot), fill in any uneven spots and make sure the floor is level. You also need to seal the concrete. I don’t remember the specific name of the sealant but we also got it from Lumber Liquidators.

IMPORTANT: the sealant is VERY flammable. We had to kill all pilot lights (fireplace, heater, stove) to use it. It will also light if temperature are about 80 degrees. Use with great caution!!!

Love the bamboo. Only complaint is that it is soft wand dings when we drop stuff. Texture is great for hiding most scratches. We have two dogs and scratches don’t show.

Last thing, bamboo is more like wood than grass. My husband used some leftover flooring and made a desk lamp, dog food/water riser, shelf and some other stuff (he’s pretty handy) so NO, bamboo is not a laminate.

I have laminate wood flooring. How do I remove adhesive/glue stuck to the floor.?

laminate wood flooring 3 Comments »

I used double-sided tape to secure scatter rugs on my laminate floor during the last winter. Now I’ve taken those rugs up but the tape is really stuck to the floor. I’ve tried scraping it off with a dull knife but it is very gooey, heavy-duty adhesive. What can I use to get it off that won’t harm my floor?

Try alcohol or mineral spirit on not visible area and see if your floor will not fade. Then try it on your glue problem.
There is also product sold at stores like Home Depot(?) or Sherwin Williams – Google it and see if they are in your area. It’s called Goof-Off.