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Engineered Wood Installation in Townhome by ifloor

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Informational video on installing an engineered wood flooring in a townhouse. This video walks you through the ifloor.com experience from start to finish.

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Refinishing Wood Furniture : Filling in Wood Furniture Grain

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Wood such as mahogany that has large pores must have those pores filled prior to staining. Find out how to fill the pores in this free video.

Expert: Curt Martin
Bio: Curtis W. Martin is a third-generation antiques restorer.
Filmmaker: Reel Media LLC

Duration : 0:2:40

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With The Grain is a professional hardwood flooring company offering wood floor installation, re-surfacing, re-sanding, custom staircases, and more

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Wood floor installation, staircases, rail systems, re-sanding, re-coating of existing floors and stairs, Twin Cities, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Twin Cities, With The Grain Professional Hardwood Flooring

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The River Of No Return – Teak Wood Gallows

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A Teak Wood Gallows cover of “The River Of No Return” written by Lionel Newman.

Hope you enjoy.


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Does anybody know how to refinish hardwood floor ?

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i need to know how to refinish my hardwood floor, it looks simple, but I’m figuring that it must not be , since the companies that offer this service charge so much……i already have a buffer somebody told me all i have to do is attach sandpaper screens ……sand…..then apply polyurathane……..does anybody know

If you live a cheap starter house or an old house to be torn down in a few year, go ahead and diy. But if have a better home, don’t ruin the home by diy. It only looks easy if your are watching an expert

Have you ever used Engineered Wood floors in your basement?

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We are about to finish the floors in our basement and the guy at home depot suggested engineered wood floors instead of pergo type floors. They r real wood, do you know if this is a good product, and any negative things about it. Also the guy said it could be refinished, but it looked too thin for that to me.

Engineered woods are perfect for basement areas, as the other poster explained….the layers of the wood help the moisture to get out of the wood, making it a more dimentionally stable product. As far as refinishing an engineered wood – there are certain products that can be refinished 3 times, but you aren’t going to find those at Home Depot.

HOWEVER – when you start to see surface scratches and traffic patterns, a sand and finisher can come in and "buff and coat" the floor. This is where the top layer of urethane is removed and another coat applied. You can do this every year if you like, because you aren’t sanding into the wood layer. The only time you need to sand a floor back to bare wood(like in refinishing) is if you want to change the color, or have some serious damage…..if you have that much damage with an engineered floor, you can always replace the damaged boards.

If you go with a laminate floor(Pergo), when you start to see surface scratches, and traffic patterns – which will occur….there is nothing that you can do to refresh the floors and get the scratches out because they’re basically plastic.

How much does it generally cost to put down wood flooring?

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Just the labor part; how much does it generally cost to install wood flooring? Not laminate, solid wood floors. Materials not included, just the labor.
Oh, BTW…for a space that is about 700 Sq. Ft.

It depends. I have had people charge anywhere from $50 to $100 an hour labor. It is the labor that usually costs you, but if you want it done right it is worth it.

How can I paint a beat up old engineered wood floor? Can I also put wallpaper boarder on it and seal it?

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I know I can stencil, but the area is huge and wallpaper cutouts or boarder seems like a good idea to me. I can then seal it with many coats of some kind of low voc clearcoat. I was going to test this in one of the closets to see how it works.

You can actually do whatever you like knowing it is stylish and seems easy to do. It’s a good idea in any hardwood floor to put some design.

real wood flooring or laminated in bedroom? I know real wood is very easy to damage but I don’t like smel and?

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feel of laminated floor. Any advices?

Your bed room doesn t get the foot traffic that will do the normal damage to real wood.So you won t get the wear and tear that you ll get if the wood was in the kitchen or a hall way.
A good laminate will cost the same as your less expensive woods. There are very nice , good looking laminates on the market but they do cost a lot more.
Consider doing the wood yourself if possible. That way you can spend a bit more on the wood and have a great looking floor.
The cost, per s/f for labor on either product is close to the same so thats a wash.
Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar..GL

What is the going price per foot for installation of hardwood flooring ?

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It really depends on several different factors, your location, what type of wood, prefinished, unfinished, exc..
The price of $2 or under would normally be unfinished. Then you would have to add the cost of finishing the floor. So by the time you are done. It would be more like x2 = $4 sq ft
Pre-finished can vary as well depending on the type.
The price range in our area is between $3-5 sq ft.
Normally, you should plan to pay between $4-5 to be on the safe side.