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Is it better to use solid wood or engineered wood for flooring?

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Originally I was told engineered is better. More stable. Less likely to warp. Because it is superior and harder to make it is more expensive.
Today, my contractor said I should use solid wood.
So far I learned that engineered wood contains formaldihide.
Also, that one supplier won’t sell engineered wood.
Would love to know if I was sold a bill of goods early on.
Alternatively, want to make sure I buy the right product.

Truthfully, it depends upon what your subfloor is made of.

If your subfloor is concrete….engineered wood is the way to go. The layers of the wood in an engineered product help the moisture to get out of the floor. That’s why it is a more dimentionally stable floor. And while you may think that you are limited by your color choices….there are MANY manufacturers, and they all have their own color line. IF after you have looked at Anderson, Bruce, Appalichian, Columbia, Shaw, Mohawk, Scandia, Mirage, Tarkett, Mulligan, Forest Accents, Robbins, and Hartco – and still can’t find the color you like….Plankfloor by Owens is an unfinished engineered wood. You can glue it to the slab and have a sand and finish guy stain to whatever color you prefer. Also, if you prefer wider plank say 5-7 inches – an engineered floor will give you far less problem. In a solid floor of that width, there is more surface area to absorb moisture.

As far as pricing – it is not necessarily more than solid…depends on the wood species and width….there is an engineered floor for every budget. In regards to refinishing an engineered floor, with each price point, you can see the difference in the wood layer on top. There are products such as Mirage, Forest Accents, and the Owens floor with the exact same wear layer as a solid wood – and can be sanded 3 times. BUT – the only reason you need to sand a floor back to bare wood is if you a: have major damage or b: want to change the color. With any wood floor, when you start to see surface scratching over time – you can have a finisher come in and "buff and coat" the floor. That is where the top layer of urethane is taken off, and a new one applied. You can have this done as often as you like….you are never getting into the wood.

One of the misconceptions about solid wood is that you have this huge chunk of wood that can be sanded and refinished over and over. NOT TRUE! You only get 3 sandings, because you can’t sand past the tongue and groove. Contractors are often quick to say use solid – because that’s what they know. As far as the floor being sealed by having it sanded and finished…..that will last until the first change in temperature. Wood by it’s nature expands and contracts…that’s what it does…so if you have your floors done in the summer…then throw on the heat in the winter…the boards will shrink, and the seal is broken. So, yes, engineered floors are more dimentionally stable.

If your subfloors are plywood, and you want a narrow board width – go for the solid.

As far as bamboo – it’s a look that’s popular right now – but it is not wood, it’s a woody grass and is fingernail soft.

Laminate is good if you have lots of kids, but nothing looks like wood, except for wood. And if laminate becomes damaged, it is quite a chore to repair, and WHEN you see wear patterns in it…and you will eventually….it cannot be recoated, it must be replaced. I appreciate Consumer Reports said it was the best, I read the article….but people have been living on hardwood floors for hundreds of years, and they are better now than they were then.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to drop me an email.

Which is better, solid wood flooring or something else?

solid wood flooring 17 Comments »

it depends what you are looking for, and what are your constraints.

I don’t like at all carpeting – very difficult to clean, but is a relatively cheap solution. I prefere if at all possible a wood floor with a carpet – can be cleaned and changed at minor expense.
However carpeting is great in a bedroom.. but not in a hot climate.

In a hot climate I would go for tiles / stone floors (marble, if you can!!!), as it is sooo cooling that in the end you save money in the air-co.

With solid wood beware of humidity: it warps and fissures with changes in the air, and it can get quite nasty if not put down properly.

Laminate has the advantage of being low-cost and high resistance: to use for renting property.

Can I use the same adhesive used for engineered flooring to install travertine floor directly onto the plywd?

engineered floor 2 Comments »

I think that I would get thin set and a notched trowel so that you have some room up and down…if you have to level a piece of the stone………….travertine used to be stone, hopefully I’m reading your ? correctly…………if it’s wood it’s one thing, but stone you need a little cushin…….room to float it around. Good luck…………or by the way they have premixed thin set in buckets………..if you have the tools you can mix it your self if you have a lot to dollllllllllits a lot cheaper by the bag………..but you’ve got clean up and all that stuff:)

What is a better product to install in the kitchen, Pergo flooring or real wood flooring ?

real wood flooring 5 Comments »

Both look good, but what gives better looks ?

Depends on your life style.. If your young and have kids I d go the durability route with a quality laminate. One that offers a warranty and not the cheap stuff. The 3$ a s/f laminate , when maintained will last a long time.
If you have just mature people in the house and a little more care will be on a wood floor, I d go that route since you really can t beat a true wood flooring. Just that there is a bit more maintenance with real wood..
Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar.. GL

Bamboo or hardwood flooring & installation in Massachusetts?

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I am thinking of having one room done that is approximately 225 square feet. Most of the flooring I see is around $2.97 per square foot. How much is installation? Does anyone know approximately what I should budget for this?

I would prefer to use bamboo or reclaimed wood. Cork was too expensive. I guess the installation price will decide whether I can afford it or not. Any suggestions?

As a contractor in NY I charge 2.25-5.00 per s.f. depending on the level of work needed.

Where does bamboo for flooring come from?

bamboo flooring 2 Comments »

I hear that the latest trend in going green is bamboo flooring. Is the bamboo farmed, or is it harvested from wild bamboo? I ask b/c panda bears only eat bamboo; harvesting from the wild would be an endangerment to this species…

Most bamboo comes from Vietnam and China, with China being the largest producer of bamboo. The way bamboo is harvested there is pretty responsible and they don’t clear cut the forests. Bamboo grows back automatically in 5-7 years if the root stays in the ground. There’s no replanting. It’s a very controlled technique. It has been used for centuries there. So, they’re pretty good at it. So I would say China is certainly the #1 producer by a long shot, but Vietnam is not too bad either.

Carpet or laminate wood flooring?

laminate wood flooring 27 Comments »

I’m debating on whether I should get new carpeting to replace my current carpet, or laminate wood flooring throughout my entire place. There are pros and cons to both. Any suggestions?

We redid our family room with laminate a couple of years ago, and we couldn’t be happier.

The whole room is a high traffic area, and we had really nice berber in there (we still do in the rest of the house), but it was always dirty. We live in a place where it snows in the winter, and no matter how carefully you wipe your feet on the mat, you still bring snow and/or mud in on your shoes. It just always looked a mess, and we had to use the big shampooer (we own one of the big uprights) on a regular basis.

The laminate is much easier to care for. We can vacuum it if we want to! Since it’s laminate, it can be mopped, and any scuff marks can be removed with acetone. It’s much easier to keep clean, as well, because guests were always spilling things on the carpet, which made for a long clean up process, and with the laminate all it takes is a couple of paper towels.

I will warn you of two things we have discovered. One is that it did change the temperature of the room. We didn’t realize how cold the laminate would be in winter, so you will need to have some slippers on your feet–it gets as cold as the tile in the kitchen.

The second thing we found out is that laminate is always advertised as something you can do yourself, and that’s just not true. We tried to lay it ourselves, and we couldn’t do it, and had to pay someone to install it. If you’ve already factored in the cost of having someone install carpet or laminate, then it won’t mess with your budget. If you were planning to do it yourself, then you need to re-evaluate and plan on having someone else do it. We found our person through a home store–I think it was Home Depot. We simply asked who they recommend for jobs like that, and they have a list of private people who do all kinds of work. They give you the person’s contact information, and then you have them come by and give you an estimate.

Overall, we are very happy with the laminate. It’s much easier to take care of the floor in there now than it was when it was carpeted.

The most important thing, I would say, is simply that you be happy with the end result. Think about what you would like to see in there, and then proceed accordingly.

Best of luck!

How to Install Inside Mount Wood Blinds – Blinds.comâ„¢

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Horizontal Blinds are easy to install, in this short video you will learn how to install them. Learn more at ? http://www.blinds.com/control/subCategory_10.html?gtse=ytvIWD

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Gluing and Trimming Plastic Laminate Countertop

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Applying spray contact adhesive to wood, gluing plastic laminate to make a counter top.

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Hardwood Floor Repair

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This is a small bedroom repair of some of the worst cupping and shrinking I have ever seen. The cause of this type of damage is from years of chemical exposure. Specifically, this room was used as a wood shop and wood stripper was spilled over the floor for a very long time.

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