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What is the pros & cons of Laminate hardwood floor compare to engineered one?

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I’ve been living with carpet all my life and would love to have a hardwood floor in my new home. However due to limited budget, I could not afford the real hardwood or engineered. I had the Empire Today guy showed me the laminate option and it looks like the real hardwood. According to him it’s better because I have an active little boy (6 yrs old) and more durable than hardwood. But I also heard that it could decrease the value of the house, is this true?

I agree with Catherine…If you live in a very nice house in an upscale neighborhood, get hardwood. If your house is not as nice as that, it will not decrease the value of your house to use the Pergo type flooring.

I might add that the quality of the laminate flooring should be considered. Get one that has a 25 to 30 year guarantee. They are easy to maintain, and look and function extremely well.

how to apply varnish to real wood flooring?

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i have real wood flooring, i have sanded the top off and now would like to varnish it but not sure how to apply the varnish for best and even results. please help thanks !!!!!!!
i have real wood flooring, i have sanded the top off and now would like to varnish it but not sure how to apply the varnish for best and even results. please help thanks !!!!!!!
thanks i should state i already have the varnish but need some help with the best thing to apply to the floor with thanks

If using and oil based product, you will want to use a sanding sealer first, then two top coats of the finish product sanding before the last coat. You will apply this with a china bristle brush, or you can use a lambswools applicator in the field. If you are using a waterborne product, then you must apply with a pad for best results. The only other suggestion to give is to not mix products of finish, like brand A with Brand B. If you do use a stain, make sure that it is 100% dry, and again, try to stay brand specific.

hardwood floor installation?

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What is your question ?
Try this, you will need a compressor and a hardwood floor stapler which is a nail gun with an angle it hooks over the tongue edge of hardwood and you hit the top with a rubber mallet shooting long adhesive coated staples at an angle into the hardwood.

Anyone know the best bamboo flooring product?

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I want to install bamboo floors and was looking for a durable product as I have kids and a dog. I read somewhere the woven type was the best but I was also looking for brands that are recommended.

I just put in bamboo flooring and this site gave me a lot of good information! The floors look great and I am very pleased! The site will give you different ideas and where to get floors in your area.


what is your favorite type of wood/ and or laminate wood flooring? and what brand?

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we are getting new floors. we have decided on either wood or laminate. whats ur favorite? and what brand?

It depends if your installing it yourself there is nothing easier than pergo laminate.If money is no object br-111 hardwood floors are amazing.

Floor Ideas- Types of Wood used for Flooring

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www.floorideas.co.uk has over 100 articles and videos on all aspects of residential and commercial flooring.

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Pravada Floors: How To Install Laminate Flooring

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Install laminate flooring with the help of this Pravada laminate floor installation video. www.PravadaFloors.com

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just hardwood floors timber floor installation over concrete

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installation of a timber floor over a concrete slab how to products used selleys VBS-(vapour barrier system) used as a moisture barrier and selleys direct stick adhesive a single pot semi rigid foaming adhesive designed specificly for timber flooring

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Home Improvement & Remodeling : Advantages of Engineered Hardwood Flooring

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Engineered hardwood flooring can be beneficial in that it can be mass-produced at a relatively inexpensive cost. Find out how engineered hardwood flooring is easy to replenish with help from a professional carpenter in this free video on home improvement and hardwood flooring.

Expert: Stephen G. Anthony
Bio: Stephen G. Anthony is a professional carpenter, woodworker and handyman based in New York City and south Florida.
Filmmaker: Paul Muller

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TUTORIAL How to refinish hardwood floors video. The sanding machines, abrasives and know how, explaining how to sand and finish your hardwood flooring. http://www.abawoodflooring.ie

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