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Minor imperfections in hardwood floor refinish?

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I just had my hardwood floors refinished. Upon inspecting the floor, there are a couple minor things that got stuck in the varnish. One is piece of hair, also a couple slivers of wood. Is this normal or should I complain?

It’s normal and if thats it your contractor did a good job.

I have a new home with engineered wood flooring. The wood floors are peeking at the joints. Whats wrong?

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When an engineered floor is installed, the installer MUST leave about 3/8 of an inch all the way around the edge of the room which is covered by the base molding. This allows for expansion and contraction. It sounds like the installer didn’t leave ample room around the edges and when the floor expanded, since it has no room to expand, it is "peeking" as you called it.

Typically, how long are the staples or nails used to nail down 3/4" solid wood flooring?

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Two inch cleats or two inch staples are a minimum. Any longer and you shoot thru the 3/4 more than necessary .At the angle you drive them in at its perfect..GL

Waterproof engineered hardwood floor?

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I heard that engineered wood floor designed to provide greater sability, particularly where moisture or heat pose problems for solid hardwood floor. It means engineered wood floor has water-resistant ?

No, not necessarily. Spills still need to be cleaned up quickly. The surface is water repellant, but the joints between the boards are still vulnerable.

Is wood laminate a good buy if you cant affford real wood flooring?

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Hardwood flooring is one of the most beautiful, economical and practical flooring surfaces. My favorite. Tried and true it’s been in peoples homes for centuries. 3/4" hardwood can be refinnished multiple times for a permanent flooring surface for the lifetime of the home. If you don’t require a permanent solution for flooring, laminate can give you the look you desire with many benefits. Laminate flooring doesn’t stain, is very scratch resistant and durable. The density of the core will determine the overall core strength of the flooring as will the wear layer surface applied to the surface. Some laminates are designed to last 20 years or more some cheaper brands from China will last only 5 years depending upon the traffic level and lifestyle of your home. Over the long term real wood is more economical. Short term laminate will be an easy hard surface floor to take care of and clean.

Soon i will be installing a hardwood floor, bamboo. Is there a site for installation and tool’s required?

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Which is better for bamboo flooring, a floor stapler gun or a floor nail gun?

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I did one room with the nail gun that required the use of a mallet but seems so time consuming. I was wondering is the use of a floor stapler gun would do as good as a job. The bamboo floor is stronger than the wood. Would the staples go in?

Here are instructions for BOTH nailed or stapled bamboo flooring. Good luck with your new floor! You will love it.


Simple question about installing laminate wood flooring?

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I have searched all over the net and nothing covers my question… When I add that little molding to the baseboard over the laminate wood flooring (I guess it is called quarter round trim?) they say that you have to nail them in, but do they cover up the nails and paint over them or something? Because I never see any lines or nails on that little round part that usually goes on the bottom of the base board.

You can use a finishing nailer, if you have one, which leaves the smallest hole. If you don’t have one then use a hammer, small finishing nails, and a counter sink to set the head of the nail(s) below the finished face of the trim, then use a colored putty stick or wood putty to cover the hole over. Most importantly, pre-drill your holes in you trim(to prevent it from splitting and don’t nail down into the floor, but back towards the wall. Nailing straight down into the floor will prevent the floor from moving, since it’s a float-able floor.

Dustless wood Floor Sanding Dust Free Wood Floor Sanding Wisservac Video

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The Real Vac

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Laminate Wood Flooring Cheap Where to Get a Truly Good Deal

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There are several reasons for retailers to sell laminate flooring at cheap rates. Some retailers sell their products at cheap rates when there is a large turnover in business.

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