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Does resanding/refinishing hardwood floors remove signs of water damage?

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I’m going to be rehabbing a house that had some roofing problems and damaged the hardwood floors in certain areas. I was told that I could hire someone to sand the floors and refinish them for a cost. Does this effectively remove the signs of water damage?

Also, what are you guessing the rate is for hardwood resurfacing in Chicago, IL?

Thank you!

Yes , sanding will take out most normal water stains. If the water had penetrated deep into the flooring it would cup and warp the boards. If you don t have cupping then you should be able to sand and refinish to an acceptable level. I don t know about Chicago area but my area it was 3/5 $ a s/f to sand and refinish. GL

Is there a combination vapor barrier and wood flooring adhesive?

engineered wood flooring 1 Comment »

I’m laying an engineered wood floor on concrete on grade. It’s recommended (although not required in my situation) to lay a vapor barrier before installation. Is there a product that combines this IN the wood flooring adhesive?

I ve never seen any and I ve layed a lot of that type flooring. If your using a urethane glue ( recommended) I ve always considered that my vapor barrier, since no moisture will penetrate the urethane. And a tip… Cement must by very clean and dust free to glue wood down.. Any flooring questions you can e mail me thru my avatar GL

Is it necessary to acclimatize solid oak wood for some days before laying down flooring?

solid wood flooring 5 Comments »

We are getting solid oak flooring, and we wanted to know for how long it should be done, if it is necessary?

All houses are different. Heat, cold, humidity and ya da. It’s a very bad idea to just take it out of the box and lay it down. I had professionals lay my floor and it was the same thing, lay it all down and let it get acclimated. Then they came out the next day to finish. They laid it out over night. I’d say about 18 hours. But that’s what they did, your experience could be very different from mine. I just know from experience that you MUST let the wood breath and get used to your house.

How do I get rid of "glue haze" on my engineered hardwood floor?

engineered floor 2 Comments »

they make a spray cleaner specifically for hardwood….
try a local flooring company or maybe lowes or h/d…………

real wood flooring…..help!?

real wood flooring 6 Comments »

almost 18 months ago, i had some real wood flooring down in our living room. My husband laid it down, and because he is one of these people that has to get everything dead right, he used all the correct materials and tools. i must add that he also used proper edging material in case of expansion to the wood over time. Everything has been fine up until now. there are a couple of places where the wood has raised. It has not come apart but just raised. it has been like this for around 2 weeks now, and at first we came to the conclusion that it may be linked to the weather that we have been having, and that it would eventually settle down. The flooring is all glued down, so it would not be as simple as just taking certain parts out and re-laying, it means taking up most of the flooring which may even damage the tongue and grove. any ideas please. Thank you in advance.
he did leave a gap around the edges of the wood near the walls, and its not the whole of the flooring that is lifting up,its just in a couple of places.
The glue was only used along the t&g and not to glue the whole floor down.

When you say real wood do you mean tongue and groove 3/4" hardwood?

If that is the case,it should have been nailed down not glued.Also us old timers use a tar paper moisture barrier under this type of installation.

Or are you talking about engineered hardwood,(hardwood veneer over plywood)?

Many of these types are meant to float, not be glued down.
They also need a moisture barrier.

Over the years I’ve put many variations of wood flooring down but never a glue down type.So I’m wondering if it was supposed to be completely glued down at all.

Some laminate or engineered floors do need only the joints to be glued.

Was your new flooring brought into your house environment 24hrs prior to installation? Both wood and tile should be allowed to acclimate to the environment it will be installed in.

When you say raised, do you mean just the t&g edge or do you mean the whole floor?
It could be moisture,It could also be the original floor may have been "wavy" which would lead to an improper bonding surface if it really was supposed to be glued down.

Your problem is either moisture related or improper installation.

5"hardwood flooring installation ?

hardwood floor installation 3 Comments »

Hire a joiner.

How can I stop my new bamboo flooring from buckling up on me ? tonge and groove ,mastic glue down on concrete.

bamboo flooring 1 Comment »

I followed manufactures instructions , cleaned concrete floor pryer to installing. opened boxes, stacked criss cross, waited two day for flooring to adjust to room temp. trowel down with mastic glue. checked floor for leveling (o.k.) Should I have left room for expantion between the tounge and grooves ?

Did you use a block seal on the slab to prevent moisture from bleeding through? You didn’t mention that in your preliminary list of steps you took. The slab should have been sealed first before anything was done. Where you leave a 1/4 inch gap is around the outer perimeter of the room where your baseboards would be placed over that gap…not between the boards.

Installing wood laminate flooring – need to figure out pattern / dimensions to cut?

laminate wood flooring 5 Comments »

I will be using Ikea wood laminate flooring. The dimensions of the panels are 8" x 54".
My entryway is basically 46" by 40".
Do I cut the panel to 46" long (actually less to accomodate the spacers) and lay them side by side?
Or, to add stability, do I cut them to a shorter length and do brick-type pattern?
Thanks for any advice – first time doing this.

First you need to look at the laminate flooring you are going to install. Some company’s use a tongue and groove design on the ends as well as the sides of there flooring. Then others use a over lap design. you will need to be able to cut these designs to alternate from the way the flooring is installed to maintain stability.

CM042s airsoft review (CYMA AK47s full metal real wood)

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PLZ READ!!!!!!

UPDATE: i have done my own costom VFC mod to this gun, the bolt now goes back at least 3 times farther than i did in this vid. im gunna try to get a vid up this weekend on how to do this exclusive mod so stay tuned to WARROCKSLASHMAN1.

PLZ note if you do the VFC mod it will take away ALL of the bolt’s restence. to add more resistance to it after you do the mod, find some clicky pen springs that are the same diamiter as the one that the bolt had on it to avoid the springs getting snaged on one another. but when you do fing the right size you can add as much resistance as you want. but be warned, the more springs you put on it will slightly effect how far back the bolt will go however. its not a big deal but i just wanted to let you know in advanced.


UPDATE: i have put new parts on this gun. it now has a CM031 (ak74) muzzle break and machinery cover on it.
i think it makes it look cooler.


a good battery (for the model i have)

the new CM042’s airsoft gun review.

the gun is full metal real wood and does 457 FPS 😀


the gun (the one i have)

the full stock model.

the mags

the red dot

if you have any questions about this gun please ask. i will be more than happy to help.



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Install Quick-Step Laminate Flooring 1

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Quick-step laminate flooring is very cool laminate flooring brand. Here are first part of how to install it guide. The process is very easy

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