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real wood flooring sale in the uk?

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i am enquiring about a price of real wood flooring oak preferably approx 74sqm, but the prices are so high at the moment as we are doing a house up. any suggestions , we are going to put it down ourselves
sorry but this is UK only….
sorry but this is UK only….

Best places are Henry Venables timber and British hardwoods



it’s worth looking for the henry venables shop on ebay as they often sell off packs at very good prices, I got 64 sqm of prime U.S ash about a year ago for £580.

Need help to repair hardwood floor installation just finished…?

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hello Everyone, thank you for helping .
I just finished this installation of australian cyprus in my house now when I start cleaning the corners along the walls 2 or 3 lines of hardwood floor are making noise and in some places seems that it is coming up.. I guess the 1/2 in clearance against the walls was not respected. … what can i do in order to fix it ? the baseboard and shoe is already in place :-( I am afraid that the noise will expand along the entire room . the installation was on top of playwood.
First of all thank you both for your answers. Yes it’s Australian Cypress from Bellawood. I am in US and this is not my domain :-) so thank you for your patience. each board goes in the next one like any other hardwood floor I have seen. My husband, the contractor for this job :-) with limited experience, has used a nail gun (with staples) to shoot each line of boards in the plywood. The problem occurred near the walls where I think he did not take the time to snap those board lines correctly or because the space clearance he was forced to use another type of nail gun, with straight nails, instead of staples. I have also read that he was supposed to leave ½ in space between the last board installed and the wall so that the wood can expand and contract. This is the area that has problems, because it’s squeaks badly. I just found out from him that he plans to use deck nails all around the wall edges in order to secure the boards. Do you think this will solve the issue?

First thing I’d do if I were you get get my facts right, you say "Australian cyprus" and then refer to it as a hard wood. 1) It’s called Cypress 2) It’s a softwood
The heartwood is durable with an excellent termite resistance that has made the material very versatile and widely utilised. Like all softwoods, Cypress is immune to lyctid borer attack. Applications include general framing, flooring, panelling, joinery and furniture.

Are you in Australia? Because I’m not sure seeing you said baseboard, you also said "2 or 3 lines" did you mean boards? And you go on to said " I guess the 1/2 in clearance against the walls was not respected" what’s that suppose to mean, I’ve did a course on laying strip flooring and I have no idea what you mean?

Can you put bamboo flooring over ceramic tile?

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I am thinking of putting a new bamboo floor down but currently have ceramic tile on the lower level of my house. Do I have to take up the tile or can I lay wooden flooring over the ceramic?

Yes in theroy but no

It is possible but not recommended

you might spend as much time on prep as you would on demo

the floor will be too high

that will cause you to cut your interior doors

all transition’s will be trip areas a transition is one floor area to another

It will look bad

A home improvement should be just that an improvement.

Don’t cut corners you are going to have to live with it.

What protective finish can you use on laminate wood flooring?

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I have constructed a Beer Pong table with laminate wood flooring for the table top. I would like to paint a basketball court design on top of it.

However, I am uncertain of what I could use as a protective finish over the areas painted and thus over the entire table.

I purchased a very strong primer (the painting section at Lowe’s said it would work for laminate) that I will apply to the areas I am going to paint.

Thanks for your help!

Any primer will work. Sand the top lightly. Apply the primer, and paint.

You have 2 options for sealer. A couple of coats of poly, or you can use lacquer. Little harder to get a smooth surface, but SUPER shiny.

You have to use water based poly, though. The other might discolor your colors. Check with the paint store to make sure the lacquer won’t.

What tips for refinishing an old hardwood floor?

hard wood floor refinishing 2 Comments »

Any sanding machine recommended?
Stain coloring, applying?
Polyurethane or other finish recommended?
Hope to refinish floors,any suggestions are appreciated.

Tape up plastic sheets to close off all the doorways leading into the room.
Tape plastic around all the heating vents and transitions to other floor surfaces in adjoining rooms.
Set any nails that are exposed and remove any metal grates or grilles from the floor.
The first sanding is not actually intended to resurface the wood, but rather to remove the existing finish. Install a 36-grit belt in the sander and start by moving forward toward the far wall, then turn and retrace the same path back, walking in the same direction as the wood grain. Keep the sander moving. If you rest the machine in one spot for too long, you’ll sand a groove in the floor

how to join new engineered wood flooring to existing rooms with carpet without using transition strips?

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the wood flooring will be installed in a hallway which has six rooms opening off of it, all the rooms have carpet. I don’t want to use transition strips where the doorways are. I have seen carpet joined to other type floors simular to this where the carpet appears to have been rolled under at the transition and secured. is this done with some type carpet tact strip that dosen’t have the little nails sticking up? all flooring is over a concrete slab.

Install tack strip 1/4" from the hardwood, re-stretch the carpet to the new strip, re-trim it, and set it with a stair tool. Use a masonry bit and aluminum masonry nails to secure the tack strip. To do it correctly the carpet needs to be re-stretched, so if you don’t have acess to a power stretcher, best to call a pro. You can’t use the turn & tack method on concrete unless you install a wood backer to tack it to, which would be as much trouble as using tack strip. You would also need a re-stretch with the turn & tack method.

how much of an expansion gap for solid wood flooring?

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how much of an expansion gap should i allow around the edges of a solid wooden floor im going to put down?

1/2 inch is right. Since most dry wall is up off the floor, I use that as a reference to make my cuts ,so its "flush" w/ the drywall but it leaves the proper spacing to the sill plat. Any questions you can e mail me GL

How do you fix an engineered wood floor when the adhesive is coming up in spots?

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My husband and I installed an engineered wood floor in our basement a year ago – about 1100 sq. ft. Within a month we noticed 3 spots that "give" or make a sticking sound when you walk over them. Obviously, the adhesive didn’t take or it was partially dried when we laid that portion of the floor (hey, that’s what no experience gets you ; )

Water and humidity are not a problem in this basement, concrete sub-floor has cured for 15 years prior to installation and it is level.

One suggestion was to drill a small hole and use a hypodermic type needle to inject more adhesive under the floor and then weigh the spot down for it to adhere.

Any other suggestions that don’t include ripping the floor up? Or any suggestions on where to buy the hypo-glue tool?

You can go to an animal feed store and buy a horse syringe, use a thin adhesive and drill a 1/16" hole. That’s about the only way. My laminate repair kit costs $475, so it’s not worth it for the consumer to purchase for a one time repair. all it consists of really is a large horse syringe

What type of flooring would look good next to a real wood floor? ?

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Our family room sits at one end of our house and the living room and bedrooms sit at the other end. We’d like to do wood laminate but our kitchen sits in the middle and meets up with both ends and it has real oak floors that we don’t want to change. Would the laminate look cheap next to the real wood?

if its really beautiful old oak floors with a bit of wear and tear, the laminate will look too modern and tacky next to it. I wouldn’t put anything with rustic floorboards except carpet or old floorboards to match

does anyone have a document on glueless hardwood floor installation?

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I have just laid an large hardwood laminate floor, make sure the floor is sound and free from loose bits and also clean, and i read the instructions for mine, be careful some common sense is better in some cases.

Hope that helps.

Good Luck.

P.S. the first row is the important one, get that right and you have an good start. Also if you can remove the skirting board, then replace when your floor is laid.