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What is the standard price for refinishing a hardwood floor?

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I’m guessing that the room (my living room) is 13×13. There is latex paint covering the wood currently, which would need to be stripped before a natural finish is put on the floor. I don’t want anything fancy, just a routine strip and finish job. How much would you say this job would normally run?

It will run you ( as a ball park figure) 3/5 $ a s/f to strip and refinish the flooring. This will depend on where you live and the going rate there , but this will give you and idea.
Have a flooring persons(s) give you a written quote, after they see the floor. It can be firmed up after they visually see the floor..GL

which is the best choice of wood for engineered flooring?

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I would like to remove my carpet and get a nice tough wood flooring.

If you install engineered hardwood the species of wood you use will make no difference as to its durability. Engineered is always prefinished and it is the durability of the finish, and the type of installation method that you need to be concerned with.
Engineered hardwood can be nailed or stapled, glued to the subfloor, glued together and floated, or simply locked together and floated with no fasteners or glue at all.
Of these methods it is best to always fasten the floor down. Nail, staple, or glue the boards to the floor and you will have a much more solid feel, and the boards will be much less likely to separate.
Of the floors I have seen the best looking and toughest is
Br-111 exotic hardwood. It is not outrageously expensive.
Armstrong also makes some good hardwood, but steer clear of some of their products such as Bruce LocknFold or other "floating" hardwoods.

i need a chatchy name for my new business fitting laminate and solid wood flooring?

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im going to be providing a service to residential customers supplying and fitting laminate and solid wood flooring,the number one brand of flooring i would prefer to supply is called quick step and has the uniclick locking system on it.my business will be based in denton greater manchester.

The floor store with a whole lot more.

How do you handle seam and board separation on glued down engineered wood on concrete floor?

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installed engineered hardwood floor (930 square feet) directly on concrete slab – glued down. I have notice some separation at the seams. What can I do to correct this?

Unfortunately, your glue has not adhered to the concrete properly, so the only thing you can do is to remove and start over…sorry !~

Laminate Or Real Wood Flooring In Bedrooms?

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Hi. We have old carpet in all of our 3 bedrooms and want to replace it with laminate or real wood floor. We will probably be moving within the next year or two and have two children. Which would you recommend?

Solid wood flooring and plastic laminate flooring each have their pros and cons. Solid wood flooring is timeless and provides a look of elegance to a home that is unbeatable when it comes to flooring. However, solid wood floors are susceptible to moisture. Laminate flooring, on the other hand is lower cost and ideal for active families with pets, though it has a less elegant look and cannot be refinished.

Solid wood flooring is exactly that – solid wood. It is solid wood that typically comes in ¾” board strips and is available in many types of wood including Oak, Maple, Cherry, and Hickory. It can be purchased pre-finished or unfinished. It can also be sanded and refinished multiple times and can last many decades.

Solid wood flooring is susceptible to high humidity and moisture so it should only be used on ground or above ground levels. You should think twice before considering using it in a basement. Due to the fact that solid wood floors are moisture sensitive they can have the tendency to expand, contract or cup. The cupping action causes the wood edges to stick up, which can lead to floor damage and even tripping.

Solid wood flooring is also sensitive to scratches, though this can be mitigated with your choice of wood flooring as well as how you finish/seal the floor.

Solid wood flooring is typically more expensive than laminate flooring however it is well worth the investment. Solid wood flooring is actually one type of flooring that can raise the value of your home. If you are building, or have a high end home, then you should definitely go with solid wood flooring as most high end home buyers will prefer solid wood floors over laminate flooring.

Laminate flooring is basically made out of plastic with a photographic image of wood sandwiched in between the layers of plastic. Laminate floors are very durable and great for high traffic areas and active families, however they cannot be refinished once scuffed up and/or scratched. There are also limited colors/patterns to choose from. Laminate flooring can typically be cleaned with a damp mop, however excessive moisture can damage the laminate if water seeps in around the edges of the boards.

Laminate flooring is considered to be impervious to stains and dents and will not fade. Typically warranties on laminate flooring products, are 10 years or more.

Laminate flooring comes in various thicknesses from 6mm to 12mm. The thicker the material the longer it will last. In addition, the more it will simulate real solid wood floors, not just in appearance but also in sound when walking on it.

In regards to installation, a homeowner with a few basic tools can install both solid wood floors and laminate flooring. However, before installation a homeowner should first do their homework. Particularly with solid wood floors, it is important to allow for expansion of the material. Thus it is important to not butt the solid wood floor directly up against a wall.

If you are anticipating only staying a few years in a home and have children and pets, laminate flooring, can make a lot of sense, particularly as it is typically lower cost than solid wood flooring. If you plan to be in a home for a long period of time and want to make a serious investment in the home, then consider solid wood floors.

Do keep in mind though that solid wood floors will net you a better return on your investment than laminate will.

Solid hardwood floor installation and quality of wood?

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I am planning on installing a hardwood floor and have a few questions on installations. I am considering purchasing Lauzon hardwood which is out of Quebec Canada (Red Oak Natural). Has anyone had experience with this brand of flooring and are they good? How do I stagger the floor boards? When laying the wood should the grain be in the same direction and how should I lay out the long pieces and short pieces? How far should I be from the wall? I heard it is important to give the wood some room to expand and contract and you shouldn’t lay it right up against the wall. For solid wood should I be laying down felt paper. Thanks for the help!

It’s an excellent wood but you don’t have to go there and afford the expense to get the same quality; we have a number of good U.S. suppliers, Chickasaw out of Tennessee for one has excellent oak flooring. go to http://chickasawbrand.com to have a look. . . it’s what I used in Pottery Barn Stores.

As for underlayment I prefer #30 felt due to it’s insulative and sound deadening values being greater, though #15 is all that’s required. Your spacing from the wall for expansion should be 1/4′ and always pull the baseboards and replace them after laying a finishing a new floor.

Randomly stagger the boards and whenever possible, run the new flooring perpendicular to the joists. We all know this isn’t always possible due to desired directional preferences in rooms and isn’t too much of a concern as long as you have a good sound subfloor and nail off correctly. As to spacing, always keep a minimum of 6" between joint locations from run to run of flooring.

Mike Lonergan
TradesProfessional, Inc.

How durable is bamboo flooring?

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My husband and I are building our first home and decided to get bamboo flooring. I figured since they make cutting boards out of bamboo, then bamboo floors would be an awesome idea. Now some people are telling me that bamboo dents/scratches easily and also stains easily. Anyone have any experience with bamboo? Ps. we have a dog that loves to run and play- are our floors doomed?

Some of the other posts above are correct – the younger the bamboo, the softer it will be. Bamboo should be harvested at maturity which is normally between 5 and 7 years.

There are different types of bamboo flooring – solid, engineered and strand woven. If you have a dog, you want strand woven bamboo which is the hardest type of bamboo flooring made. Other things to consider when buying bamboo floors besides pets – where in the home will it be installed and what type of climate are you in.

For more information on bamboo flooring including how it’s made, bamboo types, bamboo floor care, buying and installation guides, I would recommend visiting the below site. Here is a direct link to bamboo flooring and pets which should help with concerns of your dog and bamboo.


Is putting in laminate wood flooring really as easy as they make it seem?

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I am moving into my first house next week and I am doing the laminate flooring myself….can anyone tell me if they have done it an how easy or hard it actually was? Also, do you know if I can just put the pad and laminate flooring on top of the kitchen flooring that is already there? Thanks for your help in advance!

Make sure the particular flooring you are getting needs no other supplies..some requires a simple underlayment(fabric type sheeting)..and some require you buy these foam rubber gasket type items that the baseboard needs pulled and they have to tuck under it to help lock in without moving..Just make sure before purchasing..that you are aware of what all is needed..Remember..most of these floorings need to have the base board removed to install properly

Floor Ideas- Subfloors Suitable for Wood Floors

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www.floorideas.co.uk has over 100 articles and videos on all aspects of residential and commercial flooring.

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How to Install Laminate Floors in Your Home – Do It Yourself

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Lowe’s home improvement expert, Mike Kraft, demonstrates the installation of laminate wood flooring after proper subfloor preparation. To learn how to prepare your subfloor or to view more instructional views, visit http://www.Lowes.com/Videos

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