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Vancouver Hardwood Floor Refinishing Introduction

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Meet the owners of Silverleaf Refinishing Inc. Your Vancouver hardwood floor refinishing specialists.

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Easy Engineered Wood Floor

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Learn the basics for installing a new engineered wood floor.

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DIY 108 – Refinishing wood floors – Sanding – part 2 of 3

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The sanding phase of this project done in the summer of 2009.

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Hardwood Floor Installation

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http://www.austinflooringstore.com for hardwood floor installation. Find out how to install a wood floor with easy to understand instructions from a certified hardwood flooring installer.

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Teak wood tonearm hand made

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turntable with teak wood tonearm hand made

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What do I do to fix a hardwood floor after refinishing problem?

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We sanded our hardwood floor to refinish it. All of a sudden, the nails showed up – we couldn’t really see them before sanding, now we have black nail heads on nice brown hardwood. How do we fix it so the nails don’t show so drastically?

All you can do now is use a nail punch and counter sink the nails and then fill the holes with a putty. Use a putty you can stain by using some of the stain you used for the hardwood. Then just touch up with the same urethane.
Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. GL

I want to install engineered wood flooring do I install a floating floor or use a staple gun?

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The manufacturer of your engineered product will advise you as to whether it should float or be glued. It is unlikely they will recommend nailing it. My guess is they will tell you to float it. Engineered flooring is an epoxy product that locks together when you install it. Once you have enough down, the product becomes very stable and will not move but several strips by themselves will slide all over the place. We just installed such a product. Follow the directions carefully and you should not have any problem. Make sure the subfloor if sound and flat.

when laying solid wood flooring concrete what do i need to do?

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When installing a solid wood floor over concrete you must:

a: install a layer of visqueen(thick, plastic sheeting) over the concrete

b: install plywood over visqueen

c: Install felt paper over plywood

d: If 3/4" solid, nail to plywood. If 5/16" or 7/16" solid, glue using a urethane adhesive, such as Bostik’s Best.

Please do not try to glue a 3/4" solid, I’ve never seen it work successfully for an extended period of time.

The nature of a solid wood floor is to want to soak up moisture…the above steps will prevent the wood from absorbing moisture from the concrete. Don’t forget to acclimate your solid wood for at least one week, but preferably two!

Can an engineered hard wood floor be sanded?

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what are the tolerances for the veneer finish on an engineered hardwood floor compared to the number of times it can be sanded. basically i need a list of thickness of veneers (or wear layer) and how many times that can be sanded.

depends on the thickenss of the veneer and hwo much you plan to sand off…..might be better to recoat instead

I just bought my first house and it is all wood flooring. It is the real wood flooring not the laminate…?

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fake kind of flooring. How do I clean and care for this type of flooring? Can I mop do I use wood polisher on it or not?

Hi, It is important to regularly remove dirt and debris from your wood floors as it can wear the finish. I usually vacuum with a hard floor brush. If I don’t feel like pulling out the vacuum I use a broom or swifter.

I damp mop only when it looks like it needs it with only a slightly damp mop rinsing the mop regularly. I just use warm water as we like going barefoot and I like natural products. Once in a while I use a 1/4 cup vinegar to 1 gallon water. I attach a towel to my swifter and quickly dry mop it if it is cold out and it is not drying quickly.

It is also good to use preventative maintenance such as felt pads on your furniture. Area rugs should be placed in high traffic area and at entrances to help trap dirt. An area rug placed by your sink helps with water being splashed. Any spills should be wiped up right away. Hope this helps.