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how much to lay 40 meters of solid wood flooring including hallway two bedrooms cutting doors and skirting?

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what is the best way to lay it

Zacerous is going on about floorboards!

£300 – £600

Ask friends if they no any good carpenters they could recommend that want any work on the side, they would do it much cheaper than a self employed carpenter who needs to make more money!

The more expensive the flooring the more it cost to fit

gluing down engineered wood floor over cork underlayment that is glued down to wood subfloor?

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I live in a condo apartment on the 2nd floor. I want to soundproof the floor, but I don’t want carpeting. Therefore, I glued a cork underlayment to a wood sub floor. Now, I want to glue the engineered wood floor to the cork underlayment. Is this reccomended?

If your cork is down well and the glue you use will bond to the cork, your ok. Check out what type of glue your using. Most urethane based glues will work. GL

Laminate Flooring (Pergo) Vs. ‘Real’ Wood Flooring Question?

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Hello, My wife has decided that we need new flooring in our house. I have done several Pergo/Trafficmaster laminate wood floors at my buddies & friends houses & was wondering how much harder it would be to lay a real wood floor (like those at lumber liquidators)… They look soooo much nicer . . but I have never done one. I am very handy & enjoy working on these types of things . . so if it isn’t night and day tougher I would imagine that I will go for it. Any tips on laying it . . deals on buying it . . would be sure to help me… Thanks!

My opinion, get the real wood, hire a guy who’s laid tons of them and ask to be his helper on the project. You will spend some, save tons, learn a lot and end up with a floor thats REALLLY NICE!!!!! Stew

Hardware floor installation -what involved and cost?

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Hardware floor installation -what involved and cost?
Would like to have good quality hardwood floor (not laminate) installed over top of tiled floor (I understand this would have to be glued?) what would it cost for the hardwood plus the installation?
Located in Vancouver BC Canada.

i wouldnt glue a hardwood floor down. Do it the right way and tear out the tile that is there and then nail down the hardwood to the subfloor. you will get alot better finish and it will last alot longer. Install usually cost between 4 and 5 dollars a square foot. save yourself some money if you are going to have a contractor do it and tear out the tile yourself.

What do you think about Bamboo Flooring?

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Lately I’ve been considering putting bamboo floors in our kitchen. They seem like a good looking alternative to hardwoods that also happens to be pretty good for the environment. What can you tell me about them?

Bamboo flooring is unique look, and while it is environmentally friendly – please note….it is fingernail soft. Meaning you can make a dent in it with your fingernail. Also, bamboo being a woody grass and not hardwood – should it need to ever be refinished…the results are not always so hot.
And in high traffic areas, tend to look worn very quickly.

If you want an environmentally friendly floor, consider either and engineered hardwood, or cork. Engineered hardwoods are considered environmentally friendly because they are not solid wood, and the layer of wood is thinner…therefore they get more flooring out of a board.

Cork is an EXCELLENT floor choice in a kitchen! It’s easy to stand on, it absorbs sound, if you drop something – whatever you dropped stands a chance of survival. It absorbs the warmth from you heating system in the winter, and it absorbs the coolness from the air conditioning in the summer…giving you a comfortable floor all year round. It comes in many styles and colors, if it gets dented – it will spring back…(think about a cork in a wine bottle), it’s hypoallergenic….AND it’s environmentally friendly because only the bark of the tree is harvested, and the bark regenerates every 10 years. It’s a very old flooring product that has developed a resurgence in popularity because we are becoming more careful with the environment. You’ll find cork floors in places like the Mayo Clinic…the Guggenheim museum…the Library of Congress…..so you know they will take a beating and keep on going! Every kitchen I’ve installed it in, the homeowners have been thrilled.

does anyone know how to match new hardwood flooring with old?or how laminate wood flooring looks next to real?

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My husband and i are in the process of tearing the carpet out in our home. there is hardwood underneath the living room but not in the dining room and the hallway. We want the flooring to flow because all the rooms are connected. How do i match hardwoods that we would put in. Or how would laminate wood floor look up next to the real thing?

My husband and I just went through this. When you get your new hardwood floors, get them in the same type of wood in your LR, and get them unfinished. Then you and your husband can have whoever installs them refinish them. Which consist of sanding the old floor, and they’ll stain them all one color (which you get to pick). It’s great, trust me no one will ever be able to tell the difference between the new and old floors.

p.s. it would be very obvious if you put laminate next to hardwood floors. I wouldn’t recommend it. This your house it’s a long term investment, I wouldn’t cut corneres, even if it means waiting longer to get the.

Floor Ideas- Types of Wood Floor

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www.floorideas.co.uk has over 100 articles and videos on all aspects of residential and commercial flooring.

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Remove & Replace Hardwood Floor Board

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Step by step procedures for removing and replacing a single solid hardwood floor board.

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Jasper Glueless Click Engineered Wood Floors

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http://builddirect.com Co-Founder Rob Banks talks about a new line of engineered wood flooring.

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