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Hardwood floor refinishing?

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If I do a spot repair on my 12 year old oak floor (walnut stained, water based poly cover) with about 5% damage due to a dog and it looks bad, have I made it worse than if I just had the whole floor re-sanded in the first place? This approach would save me a lot of money and time if it works, but I don’t want to risk making it harder to fix later.

If you are going to do a spot repair you better make sure that the stain you use matches well with the already finished look. Re-sanding it and staining it will take allot of time but the final outcome will be like a new floor. If it has been re-sanded previously then make sure it is thick enough to sand again without causing permanent damage.

I’m laying engineered wood flooring on concrete floor – can I use plyboard to flatten floor out?

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I’d like to lay engineered wooden flooring in my 3rd floor flat. Lifted up old laminate flooring and concrete floor is not even / flat (up to 7mm difference in parts) – there is a bulge running through centre of floor. Area is around 40sq in total. Thinking of using plyboard to raise rest of room up to bulge level and perhaps self leveling in the centre to even out. Any thoughts please? Thanks

That is a tough question . I am in two minds on this one.
It depends on the variation between the highs and lows etc
I am tempted to suggest that you grind the floor. It might help
Using a self levelling compound with the grinding is the way i would go. The ply wood bit is really hard. I do not actually recommend that one. Also would raise the floor levels as well.

what are the advantages and disadvantages of laminate and solid wood flooring?

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I’ve heard solid wood can shrink and dent easily, even hard wood..

It is warm, mellow, natural and improves with edge.
Wooden worktop a bit softer and are able to absorb clatter.
It can be used to soften the hard edges and shiny finished of stainless steel and glass and will also add warmth to a cool white kitchen.
Can be installed by a proficient amateur.
Fairly easy to maintain

All wood will warp to some extent in a centrally heated kitchen, though hardwoods will be less affected.
The joins of end-grain wood can start to open up if not properly sealed.
Will stain, scratch and burn so be prepared to use chopping board.
I will talk to you on other types kitchen worktop in my next articles. To get more information on kitchen, please

Installing Engineered Wood Floor – what to use to fill voids in subfloor before installation?

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I’m installing an engineered wood floor in a second floor bedroom. Currently has a plywood subfloor in fairly decent shape. However there are some voids and gaps in the subfloor. What product should be used to fill these areas? Would ceramic tile adhesive work? Do the gaps between plywood sheets (maybe 1/8" gap) need to be taped and filled?


Do NOT fill the gaps between the sheets of plywood! These need to be there to allow for wood expansion. In fact, if you don’t have those gaps, run a circular saw, set at 3/4", down all the joints to open them up. With out this gap, if the plywood swells, it will buckle up at the joints.

Voids in the subfloor like knot holes in the top ply aren’t an issue. But dips and high spots are an issue. Make sure all the nail heads are flush (and add deck screws if there are any loose spots).

Your flooring instructions should list the maximum dip/rise in a given run. If you’ve got low spots (cr@py carpenter didn’t crown all the joists), you can cut pieces of roofing felt to fill in the void. If it takes several layers, "feather" them with progressively larger pieces, just like you’d feather a drywall joint. High spots can be taken down with a grinder or belt sander with 40 grit paper

If you’ve got a floor with a lot of dips and rises, you can use a self leveling cement to bring it level. It’s very thin, like a runny milkshake, and you spread a thin layer with a large floor squeegee. It’s thin enough that it finds it’s own level, puddling in the low spots. This is typically only needed for tile, but you could do it for wood/laminate.over a really bad subfloor

What is the cheapest, best looking, and most durable alternative to real wood flooring?

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We just love real wood floors but want a more affordable alternative and don’t plan to be in this house forever. My husband will do the labor-any suggestions? I want something that is still very rich looking

Stick with the prefinished real wood. The engineered wood floors are alright, but they aren’t any cheaper. The laminates look and sound like crap and the vinyls are just plain silly.

Go to a few flooring showrooms and ask to see their pre-finished wood floors and ask what they might have on special. You should be able to find something that you can buy for about $5.00/sq. ft. Any vinyl, laminate or engineered wood floor will run you just as much and won’t be nearly as nice.

Just my two bits.

I live in Philadelphia suburbs, what would be the going rate for hardwood floor installation for 450 sq ft?

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They have to rip off carpet and prep the floor before installation

Figure $1.00 per square foot. Add 25 cents per square foot to remove old carpet.


What are your thoughts on Bamboo flooring?

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I’m looking to install a type of flooring in my home, and I’ve been considering bamboo flooring because it’s supposedly a fairly decent hardwood which looks good, relatively cheap, and a renewable type of wood unlike cherry or teak.

I was wondering if you DIY-ers would know the pros and especially cons of this relatively new flooring material.

I live in the Boston area in a 1980’s built condo complex, so the interior is fairly maintained year-round.


Happy New Year!

I will say you have good taste.I installed a bambooo floor 3 years ago in a kitchen. Two weeks ago the home owner called and asked me to come by. I found the bambo splitting. I am going to install maple flooring next week. I have checked with other home owners I did a bamboo floors for and I am finding the same problem in some of them. The ones with a problem are in a kitchen. So for your kitchen I would suggest another type of wood.

Can laminate wood flooring in two adjoining rooms be mismatched?

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We are moving into our first home and we are replacing the carpet in the living room with laminate wood flooring. The floor in the dining room is already laminate wood and joins up with the living room floor. We are trying to pick out new floors and are wondering if we can get a different color wood floor for the living room or if we need to match it perfectly with the dining room. Would mismatching the wood look tacky?? Calling all interior designers! I need your help!

What you are asking is a question of personal taste. I (being a wood lover) think it’s kinda cool to bounce to contrasting wood off one another, But thats just me.

How To Lay A Wood Floor – Tools & Preparation

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from the website www.howto.tv

Martin and Dave go through all the tools we need to lay a real wood floor in Martin’s dad’s living room.

Duration : 0:4:48

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Basic Home Improvements : How to Cut Laminate Wood Flooring

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When cutting laminate wood flooring to size, be sure to leave at least a 3/8-inch gap between the wood and the edge of the wall. Create a perfectly fitting wood floor with tips from a licensed remodeling contractor in this free video on home improvements.

Expert: Tim Gipson
Bio: Tim Gipson is a home repair specialist and remodeling contractor in Nashville, Tenn.
Filmmaker: Tim Brown

Duration : 0:3:34

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