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Does anyone have experience with Yanchi Bamboo flooring?

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I really like the look of Bamboo flooring, but I’ve read horror stories about some of the bad Bamboo that has found its way onto the market. Yanchi certainly seems to be doing all the right stuff (e.g. ISO 9002 certification) and the reviews on the web site are excellent. However, I take those with a huge grain of salt. Is Yanchi a premium product like they claim it to be?

no experience, but i saw some @ sam’s wholesale, it was beautiful!

How to properly clean laminate hard wood flooring?

laminate wood flooring 3 Comments »

My husband says just use water on sponge mop and then dry it right away.
Is he right or is there any other ways to clean a laminate wood flooring.

Use a vacuum, and *damp* mop – not wet. The protective layer of a quality laminate floor does a pretty good job of keeping dirt and grit from settling on its surface. Beyond regular sweeping and vacuuming, with periodic damp mopping, laminate is probably one of the most low-maintenance floors you can get.

Happy cleaning!

How much is too much paint spill prior to dustless hardwood floor sanding and refinishing?

hard wood floor refinishing 3 Comments »

Going to be getting my hardwood floors sanded and refinished next week. We have painted all the walls and moldings for the rooms being refinished. We heard that paint spill was ok prior to floor sanding and refinishing but now that I look at the floors, we may have gone a little overboard with the spilling and dripping. Is there such a thing as too much spillage. We are getting dustless refinishing and don’t want to incur any extra problems or costs.

It pays to be neat in everything you do. in this case, you’ll pay extra to the refinishers.

What is the potential problem of the engineered wood flooring for basement?

engineered wood flooring 2 Comments »

I plan to take away the carpet in my basement, and install some other type of flooring. A friend recommended the engineering hardwood flooring. Yet I heard that a little moisture would be disastrous for this type of flooring. Is there a better option out there?

you need to do a moisture test on your floor first to see if it is feasible first you get a gallon Ziploc and tape (duct tape) it to an exposed area of concrete leave it for 24 hrs if moisture collects on the bag you need another flooring. you could go with laminate and get a moisture barrier padding to go under it, or there is a flexible floating PVC flooring out now the more pricier ones have texture that feels like wood and looks so real i have seen people actually touch it before they believed it wasn’t

what’s the best way to lay solid wood flooring over floorboards?

solid wood flooring 5 Comments »

The floorboards are a little uneven but overall the floor is level.

Get it even , and when your satisfied with it start laying on an out side wall or longest site line depending where your laying the wood. Must go perpendicular to the joists. You have no choice there. Clean subfloor and lay a row of felt paper. Get 2/3 rows started STRAIGHT by nailing into the tongue. Then use your nailer or stapler to nail into the tongue. A power/air nailer is the best thing you can rent. Will save your arm greatly since it doesn t take as much hitting on the nailer when using a power nailer GL

Used 3m pad on engineered wood floor, what do I use and how do I spot repair the finish?

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Scandian engineered wood. 3M green pad used to clean small areas in floor. Have about 20 places which now look dull from an angle. Need to fill in these small places for a uniform look.

Anything you attempt to do will only make matters worse, and they will stand out more. Even a professional floor refinisher would be hard pressed to make a perfect, undetectable repair on 20 small areas. It would probably be easier (and the results more uniform) to buff and coat the entire floor.

If they bother you that much, I would suggest calling a professional hardwood floor refinishing company to come out and look at your floor and present you with some options.^

A way to get paint off of real wood flooring?

real wood flooring 5 Comments »

We have real wood floors and there used to be carpet over it, whoever lived here before us obviously didn’t care and now there is white paint on real wood floor. What’s a way of getting the paint off without ruining the floor?

http://www.wood-floor-guide.com/wood-floor-care/remove-paint-from-wood-floor/ This article should help. It has a lot of info.

hardwood Floor installation cost?

hardwood floor installation 2 Comments »

I want to replace the old carpet in my living room with hardwood floor and replace the vinyl floor in the kitchen with tiles. Could anyone tell me the per square foot cost for each? Also, what would be the removal cost for the carpet and vinyl? Many thanks

Carpet is easy to remove yourself or should be done for at most a few hundred dollars by installers no matter what floor type you choose. Especially now when home decor sales have gone down due to lower home sales.

Vinyl flooring is about $1 to $2 a square foot to remove if it is glued and it depends on what subflooring it is adheared to.

Tile installation seems to vary by region but averages between $4.50 and $6.00 a square foot to install. If you can find by asking around, a good tile installer with good references, you should be able to get them to do your installation on the side without taxes for $2 to $3 a sq. foot. It will depend on how much they want the extra work.

Wood flooring installation, for real 3/4 inch solid wood floors stained and finished to your favorite finish should run no more than $8.00 a square foot for the best grade. Beware of inferior grades being pushed off on you.

Read up about the different grades so you can sound eduacated when calling. This will help you to know what you want to get and will help prevent someone from giving you a wood grade lower than what you want.

Is there such a thing as Bamboo flooring?

bamboo flooring 7 Comments »

Bamboo can be made into counter tops.
Can the same type of thing be done as an alternative to traditional, hardwood flooring?

indeed there is, ask your local flooring supplier.

What is the best type of laminate wood flooring to be used on a concrete floor? Glue type or glue-less?

laminate wood flooring 2 Comments »

My parents and I are re-modeling parts of our home and we’d like to know what kind of laminate wood flooring could be used on a concrete floor. Glue or glueless?

Bear in mind that my parents are both home improvement people (Dad is a roofing supervisor; Mom works as a dept. manager for a local indie hardware store). However, they are open to advice and suggestions from others on what kind of laminate wood flooring to use on concrete floors.

Glue down laminate is obsolete now. They are all what they call ”floating” floors now. Any major brand will suffice. You may just want to look and see how easy the planks go together before deciding. Some brands have a foam backing with a moisture barrier already glued to the back of them and some require that you buy the foam in a roll that has to be laid down first. Obviously the real cheap stuff is going to feel like walking on cardboard and the pricier stuff will feel like real wood. No laminate is intended for a full bathroom where water/moisture from a tub or shower is present.