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Is sanding and refinishing a hardwood floor a hard job?

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I have a 10 x 10 room. The hardwood is in great shape, but it is older. It has been covered by carpet since the house was built.

I want to sand it and refinish it.

I will be doing the work by myself – I am a woman.

I called a professional and he charges $425.00 – TOO much for me.

Is it something I can do?

How do I learn how to do it or what the steps/process is?

Thanks a million!!!!

You being a woman makes no difference to your ability to do the job Penny..
Right, thats that bit done..
First hire a floor sander, also an edging sander..
When you switch on to use it make damn sure you have a very good grip on the handle, they bite into the wood and can give one huge kick…Be warned about it…The company you hire from should also warn you of this..
The larger sander will not do the edges , hence the hire of the smaller one..
Ensure the room is sealed off as the dust will cover everything in the house if not..
Cover your hair and wear a mask on your face, also goggles for your eyes.
When you are done sanding , sweep the whole lot into a heap and get rid of it..
Wash it over several times until you are happy with it..
If yo are going to varnish it, do not just do one or two coats…Do several, the more you apply the better the depth of colour you will have..
Done this way it will look superb…
My old house had all the floors done by me so I know I have given you the correct information..
Good luck Penny….
Finally…Please do it carefully, I would’nt want you to get an injury from not following safety rules..

Have you had a favorible experience with engineered wood flooring?

engineered wood flooring 2 Comments »

I have installed it for people, and have found that it seems to be more scratch risistant, and looks as good as the real stuff.

Would there be problems fitting solid wood flooring on vinyl tiles? do i need DPM with unifelt underlay?

solid wood flooring 2 Comments »

im thinking of getting the ones which dont click together and fitting them without glue or nails, good or bad? quite confused now…..


vinyl tiles are real easy to get up. You probably would want to take them up, but I don’t know if it will matter. We had the ones that click, but I think when the put it in.. they used some sort of glue underneath and in the joints.

Home Depot always knows!

Do I have to glue an engineered wood floor down?

engineered floor 4 Comments »

What should I look for in a quality engineered wood floor? Where is the best place to buy flooring if I’m installing it myself?

Things to look for are the thickness of the wear layer, as well as the warranty. Engineered floors can be installed floating, or they can be glued, stapled, or nailed down. If they have the "click-lock" joint, they must be installed as a floating floor. If the joints are simple tongue and groove, and you install them as a floating floor, the joints must be glued. There are a lot of different places to get flooring. You can go to a home center, such as Lowe’s or HD, or you can go to a flooring store. Do some shopping around, and pick up samples when you can so you can compare the floors. Hope this helps.

Real Wood Flooring Question?

real wood flooring 3 Comments »

I am from Birmingham, & I was wondering where I can purchase real wood flooring for real low prices. Hope anyone can help. Homebase & B&Q have been already researched. Hope you can help.

Don’t know if they’re in your part of the world, but look up Lumber Liquidators on the web. Good material and good prices.

how long does my hardwood floor need to dry prior to installation?

hardwood floor installation 3 Comments »

I am buying a pretreated/finished hardwood floor I am told it needs to sit and dry, but for how long

This would depend if it is new construction or remodel. I just had it done in a 6000 sq. ft. home the installers told me 24 hours would be ok as long as the flooring wasn’t stacked. This would allow the wood to acclimate evenly and quicker. Same applies for new construction interior trim. lay it out so that the air can get to it all it will adjust faster.

Where do I find the ECO Bamboo flooring-tiles?

bamboo flooring 1 Comment »

I saw on DIY Bamboo flooring squares being installed by the owner of the house (a female).

Try the link below


How do I give my laminate wood flooring shine.?

laminate wood flooring 2 Comments »

I have tried almost everything but the shine will not last. I want to know if it is possible for me to paint polyurethane over my laminate wood flooring for a long lasting shine. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I read somewhere that using an ammonia based cleaner was the best for laminate floors… my wife says to use old english … make sure you keep the floors really really clean … take off your shoes before entering your house… buy one of those dust mops to clean your floors… do this a few times per day …Laminate is nice, but prone to scratches and dulling

how much (roughly) would refinishing a hardwood floor in a kitchen cost?

hard wood floor refinishing 2 Comments »

(my kitchen is about 50-75 sq ft)
I had an on-site inspection. He told me it would cost $750, just because that’s the minimum they charge. I’ve never had this done before, so I don’t know if the quote is too high, just right, etc. My floor has not cuts, gaps or gashes. It’s just worn in various spots.

200/300$ depending exactly how bad it is or isnt. Refinishing can run between 3/5 $ a s/f.. Get an on site opinion from a wood finisher. GL

Glueing Engineered wood flooring to Concrete slab?

engineered wood flooring 4 Comments »

Anyone done it? How did it work out and how was the glue (Odor, how long did it linger and how toxic was it)? I appreciate your answers. Thanks.
Yes, on a "floating floor", but installers are telling me that engineered hardwood is able to be glued straight to the slab, vice regular hardwood.

just wondering if anyone has done it.

If its an engineered wood not or the lock( floating system) then yes you can glue it to the slab since its the only way.
If it is a floating floor then you absolutely cannot glue it down..
It not hard work but you will have a sore arm since the glue used is very thick and stiff. The odors and smell is not bad and will dissipate soon after installation.
You cannot glue a true hard wood to a slab so they are right about that.
Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar, I ve done several 1000 s/f of glue direct engineered wood and a few 100,000 s/f of laminate. GL