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How long does it take for polyeurathane on floors to completely dry after hardwood floor refinishing?

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I’m pregnant, so I’m concerned about fumes from the floors.

Oil base polyurethane can take up to 30 days to completely cure. Most of the fumes/odor will disappear within a couple of days under ideal conditions (run heat in winter, AC in summer). Open windows to air the house out (but do not leave them open if it is cold or humid outside as this will slow down the curing process).
Although obnoxious, the fumes are not actually toxic (although I can understand your concern due to your pregnancy). If at all possible, I would recommend staying at a friend or relatives house, if for no other reason than your own peace of mind.^

Should I pay for warranty on engineered wood flooring?

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I have an opportunity to purchase cabin quality engineered wood flooring that comes without any warranty by manufacturer. I’m tempted because I can purchase this flooring for about 700.00 less than 1st quality with 30 year warranty. Is the warranty worth it? Has anyone had the experience of filing a claim against a wood floor warranty?

You’ll probably replace that floor before you would need the warranty. I have never had an experience with filing a claim. But have worked for many attorneys and if you are going to get a warranty make sure you read it before you buy it. It might not cover what you would think it would

How hardwearing is Solid Wood flooring?

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I’m looking at putting a wooden floor down and prefer the look and feel of solid wood over laminate or vinyl, but we have a 1 year old and will have more in the future, so will the floor stand up to it? I don’t want to spend a load of cash on something that won’t last.

Hi, I’ve had my hardwood flooring for 13 years now and I still love it. It has stood up to 2 children (now 14 and 16), numerous friends over and two dogs and two cats. The finish is worn buy the sink where I should have had an area rug to protect from splashes especially when my kids do dishes. It has a few scratches and dents from life but still looks great. I may in the future get it refinished but for now I like the character of it.

Hardwood increases the value of your home and lasts forever. The finishes today are harder than when I purchased mine. You do need to take care of it and use some preventative maintenance. Like using are rugs at entrances to trap dirt, felt pads on furniture and wipe up spills right away. Sweep or vacuum regularly. Mine stood up and I played more than I cleaned. I also loved that they camouflage more than a white floor. I have oak whereas a really dark floor would show more. Hope this helps.

Is solid hardwood floor better or engineered wood to the value of a home?

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I am considering engineered flooring of good quality, since you can get better value for exotic wood. the sample i am considering is natural dark wood, which is expensive with solid hardwood. the Aluminum oxide coating with prefinished flooring cannot be applied on site, and makes the wood more resistent.

There was a time when solid hardwoods added more value to a home, but with the birth of resandable, refinishable engineered floors (not to mention the advantages it has over solid hardwood), it is now on equal levels.

One of the advantages of engineered floors is that it resists contraction and expansion better than solid hardwood; the reason behind being the fact that engineered floors have a core made up of composite wood in layers typically constructed with a method called cross-plying to enhance the strength of the floor and fight better against warping/bowing/cupping, etc.

I answer the live chat for simplefloors.com so if you need any additional information on this stop by and chat with me, flooring is what I specialize in and I am happy to help out, no strings attached.

*for live chat: http://www.simplefloors.com/default.aspx

which underlay should i use with real wood flooring?

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i have recently purchased some real wood flooring which i plan to lay myself the only thing is that it is going to be layed upon existing timber floor and the bathroom is below this room should i use a damp proof membrane underlay to stop any moisture getting under the floor and would fibre underlay boards be ok to use on top of the membrane before i lay the floor?
the flooring we are laying isn’t going in the bathroom, but the room above the bathroom. thanks anyway.

We recently did this in our bathroom too. We didn’t use a waterproof thing though, we used this big foam board stuff. Its like thin really light foam board and it comes in big packs.

how much should i charge for prefinished hardwood floor installation?

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its a fairly straight forward install only about 170 sq feet. wood will be provided and i will supply the rest of the tools

Rates for pre-finished wood are 3.00 to 3.50 per square foot, installer will provide nails and rosin paper for installation…..

a sore back is the bonus.

Bamboo Flooring! How good is it? Anyone installed this type of floor more than 2 years ago and happy ?

bamboo flooring 2 Comments »

I live in Sydney, northern suburbs. I’m trying to find the optimum solution for a bedroom floor to replace the sick carpets with an alternative healthy floor. My ideal is bright sand color flooring. Timber seems not that tough as bamboo, but bamboo products are imported from China and the quality may not be as good. If anyone has a bamboo floor for a few years now, I’d like to hear from you, and if you are happy with the quality, please let me know where to buy it from.

well we haven’t had it for two years, but we have had it for a couple of months. we have the dark maroon color and it shows dust and cleaning streaks retty badly so i have to clean it every other day to. i wish i would have went with the lighter color now like you are talking about.

as for scratches, since ours is so dark, the deep ones do show but i go over them with a matching stain. i have never noticed lighter scratches. but since you are talking about getting the lighter colored flooring, the scratches wouldn’t show up very easily.

we were very happy with the quality. it wasn’t like hardwood flooring where you have to inspect each piece before you put it down, each one that came out of the box was in perfect condition. and the brand we bought was nice and thick.

Is it possible to lay wood over carpet to put a laminate flooring?

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I rent and the carpet stains, I’d like to purchase laminate wood flooring. Is there a product to cover the carpet to make this possible?

The carpet has to come out .The wood laminate will not stay solid on the floor, also it will develop mold under the carpet.

DIY – How to lay a real wood floor (Part 1)

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Expert DIY and home improvement advice from www.wickes.co.uk on how to lay a real wood floor. Tips and general advice on how to do it yourself – Part 1 of 2. Wickes home improvement and DIY videos are presented by Martin Roberts, of the BBC’s Homes Under the Hammer, together with his long-time friend and builder Dave Hughes. These original productions demonstrate how to successfully complete a typical DIY project of how to lay a real wood floor.

Duration : 0:4:44

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Flooring Depot: Laminate wood floor installation

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FlooringDepot: Install kaindl laminate wood flooring, using lock joining system.

Duration : 0:3:5

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